September 30th, 2009



My fic is up over at jerainbowbridge, and it's completely glorious. Go read it! A-ha, Fujigaya/Kawai and Kis-My-Ft2/A.B.C.-Z, NC-17.

We continue to watch HanaKimi, and I continue to be heartbroken that Toma can't possibly win. Somebody write me fic where Nakatsu goes to college and there's a cute guy on the soccer team with him and he's like "IKEZOU" because he's already dealt with it all before and now is just ready to go!

or sano/mizuki/toma i guess would be all right. maybe. or school doctor/cranky teacher from ep 9.

and in other news i was as the dermatologist for the wart that i've had for like...a year and a half now? and we're on like the fifth (?) experimental treatment, which is like "use a bifurcated needle to innoculate some drug or other directly into the wart a lot." she was like, after the numbing agent wears off you might need some tylenol.

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