October 6th, 2009

machine gun hamster

Also I'm Freezing For No Reason

kyaaaa all the kisumai con reports are coming out. WANT DO WANT.

Also, lately I've only had two states of hunger: 1)OH MY GOD STARVING WOULD EAT A SQUIRREL RAW, closely followed by 2) SO FULL MIGHT BE SICK. It's starting to get super annoying, because it takes a thorouhly unimpressive amount of food to induce the TOO FULL response, and then obviously a little bit later we're back to STARVING. And believe me, eating tiny amounts of food is in no way normal for me.

Like I came home from school feeling like I hadn't eaten anything all day, despite having eaten both breakfast and lunch, so I reheated fried rice for dinner even though it was totally early, and it took me about three times as long to reheat the stupid stuff as it did to get full from eating not even half of it.

Ever since school started again, it's been like this, and i'm to the point where i just feel like GOOD you SHOULD be hungry because you are FAT ANYWAY. ugh what the hell.

Also I am watching the news. when did I turn into such an old lady?
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