October 8th, 2009


I Need a Shinkansen Tofu

I'm off to Ohio for the long weekend tomorrow, and purportedly the hotel has wifi, but my dad was in charge of that, so, just warning you. I really needed to pack and stuff tonight but instead I laid on my couch and played 358/2 for like four hours and stuff.

this is really compounding the drama where i started rereading The Merro Tree last night, which is one of my favorite books in the universe, and instead of reading a couple chapters like I planned, i stayed up until 3 am. So I was all sorts of fun all day.

guinea pig and rat cleaned though, and I vacuumed and things. on the other hand i fail at taping Fringe YET AGAIN. goddammit why am I not allowed to watch that show?

Extra Kis-My-Ft2 shows and locations! 9 of them! Aw, I'm so excited and proud of them! Although I feel bad for them at Kobe, when they do three shows in a row starting at 10am D: Sadly all the extra Yokohama shows are earlier, so we still can't make them, but we might shoot for Nagoya, even though we'll actually be back in Tokyo by then so it'll be kind of a drama. WHO CARES, SHINKANSEN! And hopefully now that YokoAri isn't the last venue, stuff won't be so outrageous.
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