October 19th, 2009

on my ass right now

Ichiband ni Mondai

Like I mentioned, no idea what I'm going to do with NaNo. I'm tossing around a couple ideas, but it's more like an idea and a half and really I'm not that into either one. ugh, idk. I guess at this point, lacking anything else, I suppose i'll stick with Chaotic Butterfly, since at least I have characters and things to work with.

so, uh, if you guys had anything inspirational to offer, now would be the time.

Tell me anything you wanted to know about anybody in Chaotic Butterfly. Any unit, anything you wanted to know about backstory or anything else, ask away. I figure if there's something you thought was interesting enough to want to know more about, maybe I'll be interested as well.

I'm not telling you that I'll answer you right here, I just want some stuff to think about, aside from the crap I'm already thinking about, which is...crap. sigh.
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