October 24th, 2009

nail that sticks up

Actually, That's Kind of the Story of My Life

Well, I just broke the internet. Actually, I think Shoon (the MacBook) broke the internet, but Shoon and I had a talk and I informed him that only one of us was allowed to be messed up at a time and the other one had to be functional and I picked him.

Shoon took it pretty well, and behold, now everything works again. For once it seems like I named something in a way that would benefit me.

My parents came over to bring me Chinese food since I feel like crap and in the less than ten minutes they were here, managed to drip moogoo gaipan all over my neoprene laptop sleeve. GREAT. that's great.

But Accepted is on TV right now, and for some reason I really enjoy this movie. Not because it's a really awesome movie or anything, although I do love Justin Long, I think it's more that it satisfies some sort of internal issue I have where I like it when odd people band together.

I might try to plan more NaNo (ugh, fail) or finish the piercing fic, or maybe just sit here and play another four hours of Kingdom Hearts.
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