November 12th, 2009

hasshi tottsu

Don't Ask About JE Holidays Either

Adopt one today!Adopt one today! *starts trying to catch up with the missing dragons*

writing = hard. and on that note, go write something for je100! This week you can pick any of the previous challenges (list of prompts here). I'm trying to write something for Tottsu's birthday but it isn't exactly going like gangbusters, lol.

My throat hurts! what the hell.
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anywhere junsu goes

Geography Fail

From the email United Airlines just sent me with their special offers:

"Explore Asia for 10% less!
Book your ski vacation to beautiful Canada and receive a FREE four-day lift ticket, plus 5,000 Mileage Plus® bonus miles per adult."

I have to say, that's a part of Asia I have not been to! Although I bet konzatsu probably had a plane routed through there once.
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