November 21st, 2009

corruptin ur jrz

There's No Way That I Could Figure You Out

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

*Pin on Music Station! ♥♥♥♥♥
*Yamapi's single in general! It's like Yamapi's crash course in English. I adore him. ME is just the best, dirtiest thing in the universe. "Tell me which way you like me~"
*SAT proctoring check came~ at least somebody still loves to send me money. If only my regular job liked to pay me for work I do.

*So far behind on NaNo. Ugh.
*Have to go to school play with parents tonight. High school doing Shakespeare is...not desirable.
*have to exchange money and work out the last couple concerts for Japan. the monies ;_;
*also need to buy tires before winter, but am way too lazy to do it. LOL car safety fail.

Double Ultra Fail
*Scheduled eye dr appt to get new contacts, only to be told at the END of the phone call that my insurance stopped carrying my eye dr without telling me. WTF. Maybe you should tell me that AT THE BEGINNING of the phone call.
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I Hope Johnny Has Conversations Like This All the Time

to preface this, I am too lazy to do my own research in my own novel:

Mousapelli: do you remember if magyk has a funny capitalization
Jackoweskla: it's MAGYk
M: .....why did i do that
J: i don't know why you did that
M: wtf is that. maybe i thought it would be initials? lmao what the hell k
i bet i just typed it wrong the first time, like didn't hold down the shift key long enough...ah, no, i have an original note here:
"GYM YAY – jr group, acrobatic, six members, group merge of MAGYk and Y Square. Masuda, Shota, Gensai, Yamada, Yasuda, Yosano."
what the shit. author fail.
J: ahahahhaa
M: y square? shouldn't that be y cubed? i was like on drugs
J: it's what the k is for... cubed
M: i am cracking up in the middle of the atlantic bread and everyone is staring at me

and then later:

Jackoweskla: i am going to get food, back later
just make more yamashitas
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