December 3rd, 2009



Adopt one today! JLPT on Sunday! WAAAH TOO CLOSE. I'm plugging through my grammar book but I definitely should have been done with this way earlier, and my listening is still shit. 試験を倒す!。。。だろう。

Adopt one today! After all the whining I did about it, I turned in my JEhols fic on time after all, keeping my 100% success rate (no drop-outs, no extensions). So relieved i didn't sign up for Yuletide though, although if some CB happens to show up I will be thoroughly delighted.

Speaking of that, if you somehow missed Daisy writing gloriously wibble-worthy 5*STAR fic in 500 words or less, you need to go read that right now. Adachiiiiii. GOTO.

Mmmmm payday.

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