December 31st, 2009

niji ranger


I am safely back home, to let you all know ♥

Currently I am doing laundry so that I can wear clothes to my parents for presents, because my brother and his Italian girlfriend are home as well, so I have to wear pants I suppose. I wish the dryer would hurry up though because I have no food in my house. SO HUNGRY.

I miss Japan already :( coffee miiiiilk. I miss musikologie too, because her family snatched her from me at the airport so they could get home before the bad weather, so we didn't really get to have a proper goodbye except for a quick hug when we were both all messed up from the airplane still. But on the other hand I was glad that nobody was present to witness my usual post-Japan breakdown, which was particularly shameful this year because I caught the cold that Beth had before we ever got on a plane, so I couldn't breathe or hear out of either ear really.

I'll probably have a proper New Years' post at some point today, but for now I need a shower. I understand that Tackey & Tsubasa sang together for Countdown, though! So that's auspicious for the new year.
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