January 19th, 2010

personal space fail

It's a Three-Step Joke in the End

From En's translation here:

Senga: It’s sad the tour’s nearly at an end. I wonder what it’ll feel like when it’s over.
Yokoo: But it’s not our goal, so.

Yokoooooooo. It makes me flail so hard when they get as close as that to saying "WE WANT TO DEBUT" directly. Because they never DO say it, and then i think about Miyata point-blank saying 'i want a cd debut' this year at the Yokohama press conference and how shocked I felt. Like, oh shit, somebody actually SAID it. NOW IT'S ON. or whatever. Like Kitayama's "it's been my target since I joined. and the fans have been waiting a long time too, right?"

swtjemz and puppeteer8, I'm putting things in the mail to you tomorrow, so let me know when they get there! I wanted yours to be a surprise, Irea, but i'd spend ages worrying about if it got there or not otherwise, lol. so SURPRISE in advance.

Also there is no good television on Tuesday nights. Even Nika seems disgruntled about it.

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