January 23rd, 2010

law & order

Tell Me You're Surprised I Have A Jack McCoy Icon

Had to get up early for a meeting which wasn't the best time ever, but it did end up with me at the Wegmans, so that made everything better. And I got a melon Ramune for later. Of course, it takes so long to go through the whole store when you wander around like I do, that even though I had lunch there by the time I get home I'm totally hungry again.

I watched a bunch of the Australian Open last night. Hi, DJ and Goldie's country! Also Federer talked very seriously about how when it's humid, his balls get fluffy. I hope to watch a lot more of it!

But at the moment I'm actually watching a ridiculously bad tennis movie on comedy central that I think Stiffler is the main character of. What I need is a Law & Order marathon. There must be some holiday somewhere we can have one for?

...Google reveals it's national pie day. C'mon, TNT! I bet Lenny Briscoe and Jack McCoy would love some pie.

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