January 24th, 2010

Koibito Miyatama

Fic, Kis-My-Ft2, Wish Fulfillment

Title: Wish Fulfillment [Tamamori/Miyata]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: As if getting out of bed the first time isn't hard enough, Miyata makes a strong case for crawling right back in.
AN: Short but sweet? I was totally late to work every day this week because of crawling back into my bed after my shower. oops. Popolo reports that Miyata takes 5 minutes to get ready in the morning, and Tamamori takes 55. Anybody shocked?

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Mizushima Hiro Is the Cutest Coward Ever

Rewatching the first couple episodes of Mr. Brain with rooneytunes, and Mizushima Hiro is just one of my favorite people ever. Also, for a man of whatever age Kimura is, he's REALLY attractive. It just kind of catches me off-guard every now and then.

speaking of that, how on earth does Miyata even look like this? It's one thing for somebody (Tama) to start dressing him better and for somebody (Tama) to make him all happy and confident, but holy god, he's going to turn out just as hot as anybody. What are they FEEDING these guys? I mean, i saw him live a month ago and he didn't look like that. STOP EVOLVING, JAPANESE IDOLS.

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Kisumai is always worth some spam

Kis-My-Ft2 won Music Station's vote for breakout artist of 2010! AWWWW ♥♥♥♥♥ Rachel was like "I hope somebody tells them" and I laughed because, jesus, you'd hope so right? but since they only find out what events they're in when it goes up on Johnnys.net...

...oh idols. ♥♥♥

I'm watching NEWS's Diamond Party dvd finally, and NEWS concerts are just so different than KAT-TUN. They're really kind of like very expensive sing-a-longs? It's not their fault, exactly, cause of how their songs are, there's not much else to be done? Is it mean of me to say they deserve the Kansai jrs? More like, it's a good fit. But I'm glad they look like they're having fun together and I kind of want to squish all of them a lot. And that they have enough technology to make them all sound good on their dvd.

I am totally sadface that Tegoshi didn't noncon Koyama into the stage during Bambina. They aren't allowed to do any of the good stuff during the filming con *pouts*

I felt like total crap earlier because of the rain and my sinuses, but I got some takeout chinese (hot Asian guy working the counter ftw), and now I feel kind of better. Sigh, but where are my snow days?! I don't want to go to school tomorrow...

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