February 4th, 2010

personal space fail

Also I Hope Tama Has A Special Present For Miyata

I wanted to write or do something for Miyata, Yokoo, and Nikaido's 9-year anniversary today, but instead I napped on the couch. 記念日おめでとう anyway, boys! I'm glad you've made it this long and are still here now, and I hope I'm in a position to get waved at by you again in the future (except for Watta, who actually gave us peace signs).

I plan to celebrate with the cherry bread which I got from Bob Evans. IT'S SO GOOD. I don't even like cherries! But holy crap do I recommend the Bob Evans cherry bread. OM NOM NOM.

And also I love Bones THIS MUCH. Bones/Booth 4ever, baby.

And in the realm of less exciting things, I added all the JLPT 2 stuff to my Renshuu.org lists...and now I have 3.6k unseen vocab terms again. whaaaaaaat. wtf how much vocab is ON this thing??

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