February 6th, 2010

Koibito Nikasen

But Sadly Mr. Black Declined

I've been sitting on my butt watching 3rd season Millenium episodes all damned day, and it's been glorious. Well, I mean, 3rd season Millenium isn't that amazing really, but the sitting on my butt part has been A++ gold.

I managed some writing even, although it wasn't the rest of you guys' drabbles requests from last week like I'd hoped. But it turns out I have some watta/miyata/nika anniversary fic in me after all, so I'm going to try and wrap that up.

I did go outside to clear off the truck at about 4, only to discover my neighber, who is a man roughly a million years old, already in the process of doing it. I felt so guilty! I was like omg DON'T DO IT, but he was like "it's fine! I like doing it! I don't really have anything else to do, so..." *facepalm* I tried to take over, but he did more than half of it. please, god, don't let my ancient, adorable neighbor drop dead shoveling snow off my truck D:

So I guess I ought to make dinner at some point, huh.

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