February 23rd, 2010


Bullet Points より Pokemon

rescheduled hair apt for tomorrow (ugh, so embarrassing)

took a lot of advil because of the knee from yesterday and also sudden onset of period. SURPRISE, everything's broken at once~

caught an icicle egg on dragcave, so yes, i officially spent way too much time learning to catch things in the AP and the gpx shelter.

got seriously about adding in the JLPT2 vocab on renshuu.org, so I guess we're really doing this thing. why is there so much new kanji omg.

the rat and guinea pig cages are pushed up against each other so that they fit on the table, and Nika watches Masuda sometimes. Massu's less than impressed by that, and yesterday when Nika was trying to sniff him across the half-inch that separates them, Massu reached right though the bars with his rat fist and punched him right in the nose. LOL WHAT. kouhai fail.
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