February 26th, 2010


ABNA Round 1 Finished

Some of you might be familiar with Amazon's Annual Breakthrough Novel Award, details of which can be found here. First round just ended, and if you download the PDF there for the top 1000 general fiction submissions chosen out of the original 5000 entries, you'll find the following page:

Allow me to highlight the relevant portion:

HOLY SHIT, GUYS. I only mentioned that I was submitting Chaotic Butterfly to a couple of you because I felt totally self-conscious about it. But I'm in the second round! That's totally exciting.

Next round starts end of March, and they'll use our 3-5k excerpts to narrow down to 500 quarterfinalists. I'm not terribly hopeful because the 5k limit forced me to cut off my excerpt before the rest of 5*STAR even gets introduced, but who knows, maybe Akai Ito will win it for me.

or maybe they'll just be intrigued by the fact that my author name is Mousa Pelli. (sidenote: I had to dl the pdf to find out whether i was on it or not, and scrolled the whole way through the M's and was like 'well i knew i wouldn't make it' before realizing I needed to look in the Ps.)
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