March 3rd, 2010


I'll Show You Some Ablatives Absolute

I've been keeping periodic tabs on the cdjapan poll and Kisumai have acquired their own checkbox, and has about 108 votes right now. Given that KAT-TUN has like 1300 votes, that maybe doesn't sound like much, but they've got 2% of the votes right now despite the fact that they're the only ones on there that don't actually have any products listed for cdjapan to link (why don't they link the PLAYZONE ost?), and I'm totally proud of them.

Ganbatte yo, Kisumai!

Otherwise things are quiet here in Mousapolis. I've been sitting around plugging away at JLPT vocab all night, after last night when I edited 100 pages of my dad's NaNo. I continue to have done nothing with my own, but I guess you can't win them all.

But I did write a story in Latin about Achilles and Hector that used a lot of passive verbs. Three times, in fact. Because my school computer ate it. Twice. FAIL. I stuck it to the man by putting clipart with naked people on it.

Adopt one today!Muk says O HAI
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