March 11th, 2010

kis kis me

Kitayama Kakumei

Ugh everything is FAIL.

I can't even deal with it, instead have Kisumai But holy shit, Fujigaya's VOICE. He's just totally amazing, and Kitayama is too.

For the love of god somebody give these guys singles already! I DEMAND STUDIO FUJIGAYA. *GRABBY HANDS*

Whatever, I'm going to bed. Maybe tomorrow my flashcards will at least come in the mail.
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pig beta

If Only the Guinea Pig Would Clean Himself

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

haha, forgot about those guys. oopsie.

JLPT2 flashcards came in the mail! hopefully my sexy flashcard case will also arrive soon. But I got paid and tomorrow is dress-down day, so I guess that things could be worse, sort of.

I'll just watch the Kis-My-Fish some more and then laugh about how Kyomoto Taiga's unnamed group has totally taken over the write-in section of the cd japan poll (ps - go vote for Kisumai!).

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