March 14th, 2010

wrong yamashita

In which I humiliate myself thoroughly

I totally posted an irritated journal post to the shokura community instead of my journal, and then left to go out to lunch for hours. and it was totally relevant to the comm enough that people really thought i meant to do it there. I even used a thoroughly inapproriate icon.


it never fails that it has to be some community I hang around on all the time and not someplace I can just slink off from and never go back to again.

so if anybody knows me both here and there, oh my god I'm so sorry.

*hides from internet*
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hasshi tottsu

I'm Aiming to Have Tottsu All to Myself

so before I humiliated myself across the internet, I was skimming through the February shokura, which I haven't watched yet for the ebikisu action, and hit Inazumu*Venus. Aside from those purple suits, which I'm starting to actively despise because they wear them constantly, I was totally impressed with how abc-z sounds especially.

so as it wrapped up, everything was normal:

(click for full-size)

and then tottsu apparently cannot go one second longer without grabbing Hasshi in a mad embrace

Kawai's double-take is total gold, as well as the part where he and Goseki crack up about it.

What the hell tottsu, LOL. this is what I expect from your sweet-faced, grabby-handed kouhai, but not from you! responsible senpai fail. I would totally love to know what this is even about, cause Tottsu's not playing around, his expression is totally srs business, and it obvs wasn't planned, given goseki and kawai's reactions.

♥♥♥ nutcases. Also I really want to write fic about Hasshi constantly badgering Tottsu to practice vocals together, since they plainly must be given how awesome they sound. I totally want Hasshi/Tottsu duets forever. Why on earth does Hasshi fit in with ABC so well?!!
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