March 31st, 2010


Iceland Has Volcanoes?

More bifurcating of the wart D: OWIE. but at least I got out of work early for it (which makes up for the unfortunate 10hr day I pulled yesterday). And I got to whip out my sexy flashcard case in the waiting room.

And I got a bunch of chores done before the local wore off, so now the guinea pig is cleaned and the trash is all out and the floor is swiffered and the carpet is vacuumed. That's certainly more effort than I've put into anything in the last like week and a half.

Con reports are out for Kisumai and I'm so jealouuuuus. The set looks expensive as hell, which surprised me, and I don't envy the dudes who have to take it apart and put it together over and over and over. Also I can't wait to hear the new songs, so hope they do the other ones on Shokura at some point. Also I'm hoping for another MS appearance, cause they all looked so good last time. Everybody says all of Kisumai looks so good and happy on stage, so I'm proud of them, and hope this tour goes even better than the last one. Also, LOL "Kis-My-Ft2 is the most popular 7-nin Johnny's group." No kidding? XD XD XD

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the week! and I have sexy new sneakers to wear. And I really REALLY want sushi. Wonder if I can talk somebody into that tomorrow.

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Last Call For Remix, and also Ow

Last call for Remix sign-ups. All the relevant links are on this post over here.

Also, I got knocked out of the ABNA this round, which didn't surprise me terribly because how many of Amazon's contest readers probably know a damn thing about Japanese boybands. I was kind of hoping to make it one more round just so I could say I was a quarter-finalist, but oh well. On the other hand, I got an email tonight that I could go and read the reviews the two people who reviewed my excerpt sent and they're a bit... Awful. One is at least fair, it's true that the word limit cut mine off in a terrible spot, and the dialogue does sound funny, and it's a pretty niche thing. I can respect all that. The 2nd one, on the other hand, is really sort of cruel. I actually only read the couple header/teaser lines on the frontpage and didn't click into it yet, because even those were...unpleasant.

I'm a pretty confident person, and I know I can write and all, but I'd be lying if I said that didn't sting more than a little. So. Fail. I wish this had come a couple days ago when I still felt awful instead of today when I was starting to feel better. I'm not posting this so everybody goes all "omg but ilu" in the comments, I just wanted to get this off my chest before I went back and read it for real.

so much for my plan to quit my job and lie about writing trashy novels all day.
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