April 4th, 2010


Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad in It

I've spent most of my Easter sitting on my couch, collecting easter eggs over on dragcave.net, so it's been a pretty good time by my standards. I even wrote some and crocheted a little. Last night I ate an entire Dove's chocolate bunny and totally felt sick at the end, lol. And I went out to fancy Easter lunch buffet with my family and got to have lox and cream cheese as well as a bunch of fancy desserts. om nom nom.

Mom asked me yesterday if I wanted to go to an Easter service with her, and I opted for Easter vigil last night, even though it's longer because they do a bunch of old testament readings. The church we've always gone to is in kind of decline, and there was hardly anybody there. It made me a little sad, and I missed heavily my old pastor and choir director/organist, who are the ones that made me like church. But we did sing some of my favorite Easter songs (I sang in the choir all through jr high and high school), Thine the Amen in particular, and also the Agnus Dei. For me the comfort of church is in familiarity, which is why I barely go now, since those key figures are gone and most things are different. But I was glad I went last night. We're high Lutheran, so we did the incense and we lit candles from the pascal flame and all that, and vigil is the service where in the middle they take all the shrouds off the alter and put the lilies all up and we all get sprinkled with baptismal water, which amuses me.

Also Kisumai's Shooting Star performance is out from April's shokura, and Big Time Rush's Halfway There just leaked! So it's been a decent break so far, especially given that I don't have school tomorrow. If only I didn't have to spend it getting my license renewed and also probably buying new tires.

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