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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this
08 April 2010 @ 11:24 pm
ugh, worst sinus headache EVER. Was out baby-sitting nephew when it started and so couldn't take something right away so by the time i got home, i was all queasy from it and had to saline-sinus-spray-bulb-thing because it takes awhile for the excedrin to get on it. I don't think that actually DOES anything, but it makes my sinuses so much more unhappy that i think it distracts them briefly.

je100 is AU week this week, and there's been a TON of posts this week, hooray! You should all go play too! There's even been some Kinki 100s, crazily enough. It's a little arashi/ebikisu-heavy atm, so anybody who wants to even it out with some K8/NEWS/KAT-TUN/HSJ is definitely welcome. Also nobody's written me ninjas yet. Or pirates! please fix that.

I've been writing Kisumai = Big Time Rush, called Big Time Kiss, which is totally ridiculous, but you can find it here, here, and four more of them here. (I made Tama Jo and Miyata Camille and then...hooked them up anyway? LOL. Senga = Katie, Nika = Mercedes, and Hasshi = Dak Efron.)

Otherwise I think the ones that amuse me the most are the ones where Hasshi and Tottsu's ages are flipped. scary~
Current Mood: soresore