April 16th, 2010

confused astronaut?

Things That Are Great

Window's Error Message Music. I loled!

The Official Halfway There PV! Awww, boys. Montage making of PV! Please just trust me, go watch them and get into BTR already. They're cute and hot and Halfway There has them all sounding amazing, and also the show is totally hilarious. Plus, no waiting for subs! English!

And James wears as much eyeliner as any asian boy anyway.

My shadow Lugia egg!

Also we are having crazy ridiculous thunderstorms (so enjoy that, everybody north of me). My power just went like OFFonOFFonOFFFFFFFFFFFFF...on for about three solid minutes. Good thing I have a laptop so I could just sit here and wait for it to fix itself and not worry about restarting and losing stuff and whatever. Reason number 398523 why I will never go back to a desktop.
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