April 19th, 2010

abunai yo

Guinea Pigs Don't Like Being Palpated.

Just to keep everyone updated, my dad took Nika to the vet while I was at school. She palpated him (lol, Nika did not like that, apparently) and they took some x-rays. His teeth weren't messed up, so that's good, but on the other hand, basically nothing else that makes a guinea pig stop eating is fixable. She thought there might have been a bladder stone, maybe? But not sure. His stomach was all full of gas though, because of not eating.

So basically the short story is that I have to forcefeed Nika until he either starts eating on his own or just...you know, dies. If you think you have some idea of how little a guinea pig wants to be forcefed, I am here to tell you that you have absolutely no idea how little the guinea pig wants to be forcefed. I don't blame him either, the powdered whatnot I have to mix with water to make a slurry out of is in no way appealing.

I did let him have some snuggle time with Senga, because honestly Nika is so much not himself right now that he didn't even really make a move on her (uh, not that that stopped Senga...). She did steal all his hay though. But anyway, there's nothing I can do besides to keep forcing him to swallow the stuff to keep at least some food in his stomach and hope for the best. If he's really got a blockage in there someplace, there's totally nothing that can be done.

Other than that, we had dinner for my brother and my birthday, and it was good. I got criminal minds season four and $50 to best buy, and a fuzzy blanket with Alice in Wonderland Johnny Depp on it.
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