May 10th, 2010


Abe Can Manage the Foodbowl

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

I've been on a house kick this week, I watched a whole disc of season 5 yesterday and the new one's on tonight. I'm out of Criminal Minds for the moment, so I guess this is what I'm stuck with. Maybe someday I'll finish X-files or watch all the seasons of Angel I got for ridiculous cheap at the Target.

I wrote about dinosaurs over on je100 and you all should too. What I have not written a single word of is my Remix. Ugh fail.

Nika's been in low spirits the last couple days and snapped at Senga earlier. Stupid guinea pigs. Still not sure whether Senga is just fat or has little guinea pigs inside of her. I'm totally naming one of them NabeSho if there are baby guinea pigs. Snowpigs! haha, but seriously I'm going to be pissed if I got a second-hand preggers guinea pig.
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