May 13th, 2010

fuck my life

WTFpq Indeed

You know how I've had this wart on my foot for about five million years and I keep going back to the dermatologist and they keep injecting it directly with bleomyacin? Every time they do that there's less wart (which has no nerve endings) and more of my actual foot (which has lots of nerve endings).

OW MOTHERFUCKING OW. At this point there's only a tiny bit of wart left, so it starts to hurt almost immediately despite the anesthetic. I took a bunch of prescription advil as soon as I got home, but jesus christ, this sucks.

I managed to write some remix finally, and I hope to get a bit more done before Supernatural finale tonight, but that never quite goes how I want it to.

Here, have a shiny remorage:
(lmao the remorage's image code is 'WTFpq')
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