May 16th, 2010

bunny fail

It's Just Me and Kenpig

I keep trying not to make posts which are all negative, but it's not working out for me so much.

Nika died yesterday afternoon, sitting on the couch with me. It was about as peaceful as could be expected, and I took him over to my parents house to bury him last night. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was relieved, after 4 solid weeks of forcefeeding him, but obviously I'm going to miss him.

Nika was the biggest guinea pig in the universe, with the best mohawk ever. I bought him on Christmas Eve in some hole-in-the-wall pet store and he'd obviously had a whole other life before me, so I don't have any idea how old he was or where he came from. He liked pretty ladies (including marksykins, swtjemz, musikologie, and my mother) and chewing on his bars, and was a complete snob about his brand of pellets. He liked to rearrange his cage and get mad that his box was never in the right place, and one time Massu the rat punched him in the nose. In his youth, he would stage-dive off the couch, and if you gave him food without enough crunchy things or hay without enough flowery bits, he would stare at you until you did it right.

Like all of my pets inevitably are, Nika was kind of a freak and totally drove me crazy and I was even sort of allergic to him, but I will definitely miss him more than most.

At least Senga came out ahead, because I moved her over to the bigger cage (the other cage was way too small for her). I did flip it around though, so I'm not looking at the YokoAri side.
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