June 12th, 2010

one of those units

Ebikisu Kink Meme!

Presenting to you, by popular demand:

The Kis-My-Ft2/A.B.C.-Z Kink Meme

All comments should be anonymous! IP logging is off.

Comment pairings/prompts, and then sit back and wait for your fantasies to be fulfilled by willing authors. Prompts must contain some combination of Kisuami and/or ABC-Z members as main characters (special exception in effect for senpai whoring).

Don't worry about not being a good enough author or if you've never written before, it's all anonymous! Go wild! We want as many requests and ficlets in here as possible. Conversely, you're welcome to repost any requests that you fill to your own journal whenever (most people give it a couple days).

Help the meme spread! Pimp it out to all the authors on your flist. Even if you don't write yourself, give prompts and leave comments to your heart's content!