June 15th, 2010


Ho! Summer

First day of summer = SUCCESS.

1) Listened to NMP and enjoyed it quite a bit. Not as much as QoP (I'm starting to think they'll never do any better album), but there were lots of things I enjoyed individually. Also, Nakamaru's solo ♥! His solo is consistently my favorite, lol how does that even happen.

2) Went to hair dressers and acquired KISUMAI HAIR. I got my bright red punk lowlights like i've been doing the last couple summers, and then had her add in a couple purple chunks. My hair lady was so excited to get to do something with fun colors, and people kept wandering by and being like "OH! that's cool!" when they got a good look. Haha, the trials of being a grownup salon stylist. I wish I could have her do badass things to my hair all year long rather than just the couple months when I don't have to look like an adult.

2b) hair dye smells sooooooo good. *sniiiiiiffs*

3) ONE OK ROCK album arrived. IT'S SO GOOD. I had high hopes after Liar and Jibun Rock, and I was not at all disappointed. I have such big love on for Taka, and I hope his old bandmates pick up his album and sneak into his shows and wave stupid uchiwa at him. "Wherever you are" is so sweet, "Shake it down" and "Riot!!!" are my first blush favorites. also Taka likes English a little too much but I'm okay with that.

4) Got early dinner with brothers, sister-in-law, and nephew. Nephew discovered sour cream and i ate a burger with lots of avocado on it. om nom nom.

5) Now I'm sitting on my couch watching Law & Order and probably about to start fulfilling Tabris's OOR translation demands. This is totally what summer is all about.
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niji ranger

There's Some In the Back Too, or So I'm Told


Helpfully labeled for those of you, like the kouhai, who need either a monitor upgrade or maybe a few moments alone with some crayons.

also my phone's camera is officially the worst camera in existence. *resolves to carry around the new camera all the time once it arrives*
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