June 21st, 2010


Okay Who Can Fix Microsoft Word

I'm trying to do the edits on Purely By Luck so I can get my proof copy and junk, and Word has decided that at the top of a bunch of pages, suddenly my indent must be something crazy. Not all the pages, just some of them, and I totally can't fix it no matter what I do.

The indent is like twice as deep as the normal one, but when I delete the indent, it's just a little shallower than the normal one. No amount of manually moving the indent triangle makes any difference. no amount of deleting and retyping makes any difference, and when I turn on the formatting revealer, nothing looks strange.

Anybody have any ideas?

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bang a drummer

Translation: ONE OK ROCK's Nicheシンドローム, Full Album

This was 100% not what I was supposed to do today.

Here's all the translations for ONE OK ROCK's new album, Nicheシンドローム (Niche Syndrome). konzatsu put up all the kanji and asked me to do it.

I tried my best, and at this point I think I'm a reasonably good translator, but there are definitely parts of this that are utter crap, and I can't tell at all whether I fail or Taka just doesn't make any sense. There's one song in particular I got so frustrated I almost left it out, but then my OCD took over and so here it is.

I didn't bother leaving in the romaji this time, because it's long and so much of it is English that it seemed silly in a lot of places, but the kanji's still there you so can feel free to put in your two cents if you know what you're doing and have some corrections.

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making me stupid

I'm About To Show Somebody a Shiny Swinub All Right

I continue to hatch swinubs uselessly, even though there's clearly a whole bunch of us signed up wrong for the competition because of a glitch, and people on the message boards insist we're all just stupid. Nice. Hands up if you have a Master's degree? pretty sure I can read the options on a dropdown list on the pokemon adoptables site. jfc.

Did laundry and started packing, at least. And my brother booked our hotel for the weekend in Spain. It has hydro showers!! lol, the email was really excited about that, and I was like "...what do other hotels pour on you instead?" Lol, Europe, I'm not sure I'm ready for you.

Now I try some more to proofread Purely By Luck, which I have utterly failed at for the last three days. Why is it so hard to make myself do this suddenly?
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