June 25th, 2010

racing in korean


For anybody who was concerned, I am at last safe in Italy, and we are indeed going to make it to Spain (although brother's girlfriend might not? uh...)

It did not go smoothly, and ended with me literally running through the airport at top speed with my shoes in my hand because I was afraid to put them down. Although, really, top speed for me is like...idk 3 mph maybe, so it's not terribly impressive. but I made it seriously like in a romantic comedy where they were closing the doors and i was like NOOOOOOOOOOO...tell her i love her...*gaspcollapse*...

okay maybe not that middle part. but the NOOOOO and the collapsing is true.

We're actually heading out right now, minus my luggage which, um, might or might not be in Europe, but once I have ten seconds to myself i'll probably update from the super fancy Spain hotel. (WITH HYDRO SHOWERS)
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