June 28th, 2010

Goseki stole it

It's Not Fun to be Flagrantly Foreign in Europe Like it is in Japan

and then I got pickpocketed in downtown Madrid. EUROPE WHY DO YOU HATE ME.

It's okay (I mean, not okay, but), it was just money thankfully. I didn't lose anything important like my passport or phone or my for real home wallet with my bank card and other stuff. I really was being careful to keep my bag in front of me and to keep a hand on it and everything, but we were so crushed by people in the metro and at the market we went to, I really couldn't tell who was touching me to do what. I check over my stuff compulsively reasonably often, so I can tell you which 20 minutes it happened during, but not exactly where.

It was more money than I care to lose casually, but I'm not as upset as one might expect, mostly because it wasn't that I was careless or anything. I really did try my best to keep my stuff safe, so there's nothing more I could have done. You win this round, Spain. I did bring a smaller bag with me that doesn't hang so low which would have been better, but it's in the suitcase, so. sigh. On the other hand, what IS upsetting is that the euros were in my little white w-inds. pouch from a couple tours ago, which now is clearly gone too. What is with me losing tour goods this year? It sucks!

I kind of feel like this entire trip is leading up to a punchline that I'm not going to enjoy a whole lot. Because really, when somebody steals all your money, and your response is "...well, it isn't the WORST thing that's happened to me this trip.."

But we made it back to my brother's apartment in Rome safely and did not miss our bus (because it was later than our plane was), which at this point is starting to feel like all I can hope for.
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Koibito Miyatama

Fic, Kis-My-Ft2, Permanent

Title: Permanent [Miyata/Tamamori]
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: Tamamori does a poor job of hiding his interest in Miyata's perm.
AN: Miyata's perm is totally hot. I wrote this on the plane and it kind of sucks, but here you go anyway.

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