July 11th, 2010

virgin surgeon

I Draw the Line At Angsty Kitten-Petting

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Finished the first season of the Chinese Prince of Tennis drama and...idk, I was kind of fed up with it by the end. There was just so much crying and drama. It just made me wish I was watching the anime instead. I was down with how c-Inui and c-Kaidou liked to hold hands, on the other hand. My other main problem with the drama was that it really didn't let you even get to know the opposing team, much less start caring about their members, which is I think one of the strongest points about the anime. c-Atobe was pretty amusing, though.

But then we saw Despicable Me, and it was totally hilarious. My father was disturbed at how me and the four year old girl on his other side were cracking up in all the same places. MINIONS. God so funny. I wouldn't mind having a couple of those tooling about my apartment. I somehow think Kenpig would be less amused than me by them.

And I am out of tea. WOE. *cues angsty cPoT music*
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