July 13th, 2010

pig beta

The Great Snowpig Migration of 2010

Ever since shimizumiki's guinea pig had 6 babies, I've been toying with the idea of driving out to take some of them off her hands, because she's having trouble finding anybody to adopt them. here have more pictures.

But the problem is that she's 17 hours from here, and because I'm me, there's really nobody here who would make the trip with me. I like to drive and all, and it is just a straight shot down I-70, but I think 34+ hours in the truck alone, just for guinea pigs, might be a little much. And I don't think there's anybody i know to even stop and visit on the way, aside from sociofemme's mom.

Cities I would pass through or near include Columbus and Dayton Ohio, Indianapolis and Terre Haute Indiana, St. Louis, Columbia MO, and then end up in Kansas City. It's literally I-70 the entire way, so anything near I-70 smaller as well.

So I guess my question is this:
1. Does anybody live in any of those places or someplace else near I-70? It'd be preferable to stop and take a break with somebody I knew (however tangentially), even if it's just lunch or dinner or something.
2. Does anybody know anything interesting to see or do near any of those places? Although to be honest I'm not looking to prolong the trip for days and days. I know Cedar Point is in OH, for instance, but it's pretty far north of my target and would be a whole day in itself.

or honestly it would probably make just as much sense to ask:
3. Does anybody live within a couple hours of Kansas City and want some guinea pigs? Because really I won't be hurt if nearer people can adopt, and even if I go out there and pick up a couple, shimizumiki's got 8, so. I don't think it's a shortage problem.

(marksykins, how much bribery would it take to get you to do this with me? *is winsome*)
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Fic, Kis-My-Ft2, If Our Voices Meet

Title: If Our Voices Meet [Miyata/Nikaido]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for potential confession fail.
Summary: Lately Nikaido's been spending a lot of time with Miyata, and as it turns out, he's not just fooling around. Also features Senga giving fail romantic advice.
AN: yeska_noka and i have this agreement that if she does all the Yokoo pairings for the Kisumai pairings chart, then I'd do all the Miyata. So here you are. It was kind of fun? I actually like working out how to get all the unusual ebikisu pairings going. Title from the Playzone 2009 song "声を合わせたら."

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