July 18th, 2010

abz and their z

Okay Maybe I Should Stop Watching the Playzone Video

In my defense, it took me a third of the 100 tries to watch it the whole way through without it skipping and buffering itself like crazy, and then another third to reproduce that so I could get the sound off it.

The last third is just because I would watch Yara dance endlessly. And ABC-Z. And Tsubasa. And Yara. (sidenote: waaaah Hasshi why are you so tall and skinny and freaking awesome at this dance?! although your freezes maybe need an eensy bit more work). Did I mention I love Yara?

But if you enjoy synchro dance, watch the Playzone vid. Because, holy crap wow. People are actually synchro, lots of them, all of them, and for Johnny's, that's kind of a miracle, lol. Also there's a comment box with English directions, so you should comment and encourage JE's use of the website to allow foreign fans access to things like this. Mention that we need an international fanclub.

Also, like I said, the streaming is kind of questionable. I had the most success if I let it play a second or two, paused it for 2-3 minutes and then hit play again. But if you leave it paused too long you have to essentially start all over. Like I said, it was kind of a process.

And then if, like me, you get addicted to that song because you've listened to it probably fifty times trying to get that stupid clip to play properly, here you go.
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