July 20th, 2010

taemin's legal

Someone Taught Him the Messy Ponytail, Run For Your Lives

TAEMIN trended last night, just like that, in all caps, and I can show you exactly why:

That's why. And as you might recall, screencaps totally do not ever do the Asian idols justice, so you should run don't walk to the Lucifer MV. In case you somehow missed the memo, Taemin *is* Lucifer, and this MV is entirely about him, he's the main character, and it's entirely impossible not to watch him even if you're trying.

Trust me, you won't be trying. asdlkgjalgjalgja THAT HAIR.

Everybody else looks rly rly good, especially Onew, sweet jesus, and the dance is seriously amazing. I can't wait to see this live so I can watch the dance the whole way through. You can say what you want about Koreans mistreating their talent, and they do, but I find it's hard to care when presented with dance like this. they're just so...all doing the same thing at the same time. lol JE has ruined me. Also my ultimate weakness is the 100-handed shiva move, which GODDAMN. *weeps* why is Taemin even the focus of this whole trainwreck of leather and chrome. Why, Korea, why.

Mousapelli: i mean is it me, or is taemin literally the main character of this. i feel like he has way more air time
Tabris: this is the 4th time i've wached it, he does
M: i cannot at all concentrate on anybody else
M: jesus that HAIR. i want to YANK it
T: yank that smirk right off that smug little face
T: so um
M: LMAO tabs i am glad you are right here with me
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