July 21st, 2010

no words for tendou

Next Step: Pants.

I'm aliiiiiive. I had to wake up at some sort of normal person time because I have to pack so I can leave for musikologie's in a couple hours. It was not pleasant because my body has decided that it can't sleep until like 4 am.

Also my phone has decided it can't go two days without being charged either. You know, I can't say i recommend this phone really (it's this one, for reference) which is a shame because I need the QWERTY but I don't want a smart phone. The camera is terrible and it has a bunch of strange little problems. My favorite is that when i call somebody recently, there's no sound on my end for a good ten seconds, whether they answer or not, so I can't hear them for a couple seconds, and also miss the first chunk of any voicemail I have. Now I'm sad I gave up my little samsung with its bizarrely awesome camera.

We are a GO for guinea pig pickup next week. I booked a place to stay for two nights in Kansas City, and I'm all set for sociofemme's mom and therhoda the night after. I'm still debating leaving Sunday and splitting the drive in half or leaving Monday and just driving like crazy. Last call, anybody near Terre Haute Indiana Sunday night the 25th?

I continue to lack in a travel icon and have only Tendou fondling the eiffel tower. but then I think, what could be better than that anyhow.
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