July 22nd, 2010

Hikaru says no

I Feel That if Shinra Stopped Hiring Adorable People, Their Army Would Be More Effective

Adopt one today!

Here, have a surprise Floatzel.

I'm hanging out at musikologie which is always dangerous because then we talk about things like what the unit name would be if it were Yabu/Hikaru/Nikaido/Senga, and that's how I ended up writing 1k of fic that has nothing to do with any of the exchange fics i really really need to write, or even the tottsu/hasshi/kitayama or the y/s/n/m doubledate. BRAINFAIL.

But otherwise we've just been hanging out, and maybe we should plan to have a je100 communal push one of the nights I'm here? Since we're in the same place and all. We could make it 'HAPPY HOUR' and have drabbles written during happy hour be double pts or something. haha, what does anybody think about that.

Also, mmm, food smells good.
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