July 25th, 2010


Mousapelli goes to White Castle

I am in Terre Haute! I drove for ~10 hours today and it turns out that's not my limit, interestingly. I mean, I'm not dying to get back in the car now, but I could've stayed in it definitely another couple hours, especially with it still being daylight. There aren't many places I would drive to more than 10 hours distant, so I'm not sure we'll ever know how long I can actually drive before I get entirely sick of it.

More interesting factoids: the speed limit in West Virginia, or at least the 10 miles of it that I drove across, was 70 mph. HAYAI. Lol, I felt like underneath where it said "Welcome to W Virginia" it should have added Now get the hell out as fast as you can.

Now I am in a Best Western, in an bed large enough to probably fit all of Kis-My-Ft2. In fact, I will upgrade that to 'definitely' since you could fit three of me laying down normally shoulder-to-shoulder, and I am certainly not the size of a Japanese idol.

So now I am going to put my pants back on and go to the White Castle down the road, which we don't possess in PA and I've never eaten at one ever, and then come back and write my FQF fic, which is at like 3k, and I would judge/hope is a little more than half done.
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