July 28th, 2010

sanada nozawa

Datte Enjoys Hoenheim More Than I'm Comfortable With

In Kansas for one more night! Here, have a bunch of things that happened in bullet point:

1. I fought a vending machine in Missouri for a strawberry Fanta and lost (it ate half my change and then i went and got more change and then i told it i wasn't leaving without the fanta and it gave me a strawberry crush. FAIL.)

2. shimizumiki took me out for Japanese food and then all around Kansas City today and then we had noodles and also pancakes (not at the same time). It was so hot today here that we both got heatsick and had to go back to my hotel room and just lie around for a couple hours.

3. Also we went rollerskating. My old skates were too narrow for me anymore, so I gave them to shimizumiki to keep and used her rentals instead. I had a really good time except for the part where suddenly I fell on my face for 100% no reason and now I sort of can't do anything that involves either pushing or pulling with my right arm. Which is, um, about everything. But they played Thriller and we cracked up wishing Senga and Fujigaya were there.

4. (this is the only part any of you care about) i picked up THE SNOWPIGS. They are so tiny and cuter than anything ever. Sanapig is ridiculously oshare, Nokkun is long-suffering that he keeps getting squished out from under the log, and Datte sat on my chest and watched FMA with me. They're all really sweet and like to be held, and every little while or so they all start purring for no reason.

Tomorrow I start the trek home. First stop St. Louis, where i will be taken to the zoo and see capybaras!
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capybara not impressed

Who Wants to Illustrate This Children's Book, Seriously

okay, we did NOT see the capybara, but the story is so good, that it's almost better this way.

At the capybara/giant anteater pen, there were only giant anteaters milling about. We were sad! We hung out a bit, but no capybara, so we moved onto some other odd things like dwarf mongooses and bushdogs. Eventually we came to the cheetah conservation lady, and sociofemme's mother asked if she knew where the capybara was.

The lady was like "Oh, you mean Pablo?" So at this point, as you can imagine, I'm already starting to giggle while Sf's mom continues this conversation. The lady continues, "The anteaters were out, right?" and we said, yes, so what.

Well, it turns out Pablo the capybara is kind of fiesty, and lately has been bullying the anteaters. The giant anteaters, who are like twice his size, but Pablo doesn't care. It's evidently gotten bad enough that now they have to alternate who is in the pen, so it's either Pablo or the anteaters at any given time.

So, the St. Louis Zoo, to solve the problem, is having a female capybara shipped in to distract Pablo, named Esmerelda. At this point, I was like leaning on the rail of the cheetah hut, failing entirely to hide the fact that I was cracking up.

I really really want to write a children's book entitled "Pablo the Grumpy Capybara" and it can be all about how he hates the pen and the anteaters and the people until ESMERELDA arrives. DJ, I will give you anything ever if you will illustrate Pablo and Esmerelda for me.

In other news, I'm terrified of SF's mom's jacuzzi tub and i was trapped in it because it's really deep and I couldn't push myself up with my hurt arm D:

Adopt one today!
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