August 5th, 2010


Dear Western TV: Watch Some Anime and Learn How to Do Proper Endings

I finished FMA Brotherhood ♥ I loved it so much more than the original series, or at least, the end of it, I liked the original series plenty until it went crazy. but this one left you feeling much more fulfilled. Why are Japanese series so good at that? Why can't American series learn how to do it? And it's so succinct, that they can fit it into just the end theme, and as soon as you say "Wait what about THAT guy" suddenly THERE HE IS. Doing something that makes you say YES YES THAT'S WHAT HE SHOULD BE DOING.

God I love shounen anime. So much.

So instead of something intelligent, have a list of Collapse )

musesfool, now that you have seen the light of Avatar, I wonder if we could get you into this, but think it might still be kind of a stretch. It's so good, though! There are strong women! and siblings! And a strong woman who beats up the siblings! And Daddy issues! And a tiny panda! Also Beth says you can watch it on Hulu.

I seem to have no more FMA icons anymore. Hmm. And now I get to go to the doctor to find out if I broke my wrist or what. Hooray! if a cast is even involved, I'm going to be thoroughly displeased...
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