August 18th, 2010


Fic, Kis-My-Ft2, Date Night

Title: Date Night [Miyata/Nikaido, Senga/Yokoo]
Rating/Warnings: R for Nika getting some, and Senga not.
Summary: Nikaido is pushy, Senga is the girl always, Yokoo is old-fashioned, Miyata is easy, and Fujigaya is really pissed off that he didn't get invited.
AN: I think we all know who made me write this, and now that I have, she's in Hokkaido and is never going to leave me a proper comment. It's probably worth knowing that this fic comes after this Nika/Miyata and this Yokoo/Senga.

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abunai yo

Also the Uniqlo had One Piece Shirts

sore all over from walking around all yesterday, but the trip to the Kino's was totally worth it, since I got the Sept winkup and potato, and also a book for the new kinds of questions for the JLPT listening section.

Which i'm going to fail! a lot! sadface. Also, picked up a reader for elementary Japanese kids that's got a bunch of little stories for reading practice. I really like the series, but I probably should have shot a little lower than I did, since the 4th grade is proving to be a bit tough. wah, shameful.

I'm finished rewatching SPN 3 and starting on 4. I'm also done watching Scrap Teacher and trying to figure out what to watch raw next. Rachel suggested the Gokusens, but if they all talk like thugs I won't get much out of it. Anybody got any other suggestions? See above about my Japanese listening skills, so the dialogue can't really be any more difficult than Scrap Teacher's.

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