September 7th, 2010

it's a kitty

I've Been Watching Hoarders Seriously All Night

Nephew's birthday present finished! So, Nephew's favorite book features a bear named Bob:

So I made him this:

lol, it looks a little retarded, but hopefully Nephew will figure it out. if not...well, it's a bear, so maybe he'll think it's appealing on its own merits. I do think I reproduced the sort of bland expression reasonably well.

You might also be amused to know that yesterday we took Nephew to the Renn Faire, and he rushed the stage during the one band's performance because they had a drum kit. LOL. The band seemed amused and let him bang on the scottish hand drum thing for a minute.

Here, have some bonus Nonpig:

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And in my inbox this morning...


This mail is to inform you that you won a special present from Tackey.
We have shipped the present today.
It is expected to be arrived in a week.
We will be glad if you send us any comments once you have received our present.

Thank you for your participation and interest in Taki-CHANnel.
We hope to talk with you soon again!

Thanks and best regard,
from Johnny’s Net

? !!! Anybody else get this email?

I'm torn between being puzzled, pleased, and thinking that this is probably a message that most juniors receive with mixed feelings. "Tackey has something special for you~"
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