September 8th, 2010

High Tension Idols Senga Quote

Oh Visa Fraud. You Try So Hard, But I'll Never Love You.

Aah, terrible meeting night, how I did not miss you over the summer. But this year I made another coworker who I enjoy come with me so that i didn't have to suffer alone. Hooray!

I really can't shake my start-of-school exhaustion, and I feel like I'm doing the first day over and over, which isn't ideal. I'm making ridiculous grabby hands at the weekend already, in a way that I definitely shouldn't be doing when we've only been back a week and a half.

also, since I have no energy to study properly except for taking retarded vocab quizzes on, I've taken to playing my JLPT practice audio cds when I go to sleep in the hopes that subconsciously I'll absorb something. It's better than nothing, right? maybe i should like poke at some grammar or...something. *is all a mess*

I bought Gargoyles DVDs on amazon, with my amazon visa i might add, and then got one of those email alerts that's like "OMG DID YOU BUY THIS REALLY?!" from the visa fraud dept. I just had to laugh, because that's like the most prototypically me purchase in the entire universe.
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