September 10th, 2010

Nikaidon Mitsu Quote

I Keep Thinking I Should Reread This

It totally was not my tackey-package, it was my stupid shirts from Threadless, wth. Hopefully tomorrow, since shimizumiki got her package today. Also my season 5 of spn showed up today, finally, along with the Gargoyles DVDs.

ps, dear disney, it would be super awesome if you would release the REST of Gargoyles season 2 instead of just half of it, and oh yeah, maybe season 3 too. kthx.

I cleaned out the guinea pigs! I realize that i keep making that announcement the way the rest of you say "I wrote a whole novel!" or "I got into grad school!" or "I served the Queen tea!" but you have to understand that now with four guinea pigs, the cage-cleaning is like a whole production and messy and takes 3 times as long to do, plus the boys can't be trusted not to leap off the couch and break their necks, so it's an ordeal. I made my mom watch them tonight. She liked Datte best XD Senga remembered her, I think, from when my parents babysat her over the summer. She came over to crawl into my mom's lap, which is not like her at all. Mom commented on how much calmer Senga is though. Lap-training is paying off!

I want my packaaaaaaage. I'm totally curious how many of them they mailed out.

also Fellowship of the Ring is on, and right when Saruman was summoning the big eye to chat, my mom's phone rang (and it's set to a regular phone ringing noise) so there was a long pause where I was like "...did Sauron's phone just ring?" and I loled a couple seconds later when I figured it out.

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