September 12th, 2010

tego is the asian one

More Snowpig Pictures

Have some more random Snowpig pictures. Also I gave the boys a little ledge to hop up on, since they seem to like sitting on the double rainbow log so much, and they REALLY like that, because they can nap on top and then underneath is a kind of dark hidey place.

Take a guess what Nonpig immediately started using that spot for.

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I spent all yesterday watching Season 5 spn and didn't move off my couch at all except to heat up food. lol, I'm such a loser, and it's sad, but that's really all I wanted to do, and given an infinite amount of time I didn't have to show up at work, I probably wouldn't do much more.

also I listened to the new NEWS album, and I love it. The snowpigs seem to dig it too.
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It's a Saturnalia Miracle

Jackoweskla: "Rock band Anzen Chitai gave up on last night's concert halfway through due to problems with its frontman. Vocalist Tamaki Koji (52) seemed to be drunk as he got into arguments with audience members, forgot lyrics and finally collapsed on stage."
Mousapelli: oh my goodness. it's easy to forget how spoiled we are with johnny's
J: speaking of, did you hear nyc's getting another single?
M: yeah you'd think he'd give up on that
J: just in time to force them on to kouhaku again
M: i was really really hoping the last failure would put him in the mood for a surer bet
and i might get kitayama and fujigaya duets
i mean what do i have to do to get a release i actually want? does chinen have to get drunk abuse the audience and pass out on stage?
J: "THIS IS FOR YOU, OHNO" as he whips out his cock
J: i feel dirty
M: CRYINGGGGGGGGGGG this is going right on my lj
J: nino would go lorena babbit on him then and there

Also i've been watching Big Bang Theory all night and I CAN'T STOP.
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