September 19th, 2010


It's Because You All Love Flynn-kun and Yamashita, Isn't It

My mom came over yesterday and helped me clean my entire apartment, including washing my curtains (I was unaware this was something people did) and moving around furniture to vacuum behind. This included vacuuming a large number of spiders and dessicated insect parts D: D: D: but it's all over now. We also tried that new Resolve stuff that you sprinkle and work into high-traffic carpet spots, and the spot right in front of my couch looks much much better after we swept it back up.

There's still some junk that needs done, like I didn't clean off my table at all, but I did sneeze a lot less this morning and I feel a lot less like the people from Hoarders might show up to do a special on me at any moment.

I have some school junk I need to get done (ugh Sundays) and also i HAVE to start my Rainbow Bridge fic or at least decide what I'm doing for it. I might go outside. Maybe.

In other news: I've had about a half-dozen sales for Chaotic Butterfly/Purely By Luck this week, so thank you! I don't know if somebody pimped it out or what, but as usual I'm flattered that people will put down any kind of money to read about 5*STAR and co. The majority of sales this time around have been for ereader versions from Smashwords, probably because it's only $3-4 that way, but it does amuse me to imagine you guys dragging Tsukioka and Rin all over to random places.
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