September 29th, 2010

starfruits are wrinkled assholes


and in other awesome news, my RL gmail account got hacked and sent out some crazy email (which is from China, btw).

so if i've ever had reason to exchange emails with you from my other account (not the mousapelli gmail), and you have some weird thing from me, you should delete it.

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fuck my life

Lex Luthor Doesn't Have to Put Up With This

Okay, so, my week in review:

*JLPT website hacked; personal information and credit card number possibly stolen.

*both copiers at school non-functional.

*strange charge on credit card.

*gmail hacked.

anytime Mercury wants to stop being in retrograde, that would be freaking amazing.

I feel a little better today, at least, although I've got a winner headache now that excedrin will do nothing for. That's good news, though, because it's definitely too much hassle to try and take off work and have to leave plans somebody else can follow, rather than just show up and limp through them myself. taking off would be so nice though D:

*watches more Batman*
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