October 1st, 2010

tsubasa will get you

If I Were a Guinea Pig I Wouldn't Even Need Pants

Yay friday! I finally managed to do some laundry last night, and then passed out after about 15 minutes of Fringe, so as usual I have no idea what's going on. I think I'm going to have to start taping it even while I'm watching it, because I virtually never make it through the whole thing.

my super awesome weekend plans are to sleep like a sloth. and also clean guinea pig cages because they smell like sanapig's butt.

I went on a walk after school today (running is entirely out of the question), but it's hard to tell whether I dislike that more or less than the gym. certainly I don't love it, in no small part because we don't believe in sidewalks in a lot of places near me. Also, like the gym, my body hates it more than I do mentally, so it's like having to take along a friend that's like "I hate this! Why do I have to do this! This sucks!" the entire time you're working out.

now I suppose I ought to put on some non-sweaty clothes so I can go to the movies with my parents.

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