October 4th, 2010


Jin and JYJ cons? Dou shiyou?

Now that we're getting close to buying Jin con tickets, is anybody else going to the NYC show? I've had a couple people say they're maybe into it, but that they didn't want to sink that much money into it, vs my plan is to totally get the best seats that I can. Edit: Jin's website says tickets are $50-120.

I have to laugh because the last time i saw Jin it cost me quite a bit more than $120. Thanks for putting that in perspective, Japan.

Also the JYJ concert the week before that? Is anybody going to that? Does anybody know when tickets go on sale for that?

And also, people who are experienced with ticketmaster, what time on the 8th do they go live? Midnight? Or what?

Apparently I am full of questions.
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Gackt-chan needs ponies

One More Thing = System Failure

uuuuugh schoolwork. DNW. I would much rather sit here and watch Hoarders. I sent emails! I posted about concerts! I reset je100! why isn't the stuff i get done ever the stuff that's good enough.

also i have to run a kind of meeting i've never run before on Wednesday and I'm totally anxious about it already D:

Here, be dears and feed this thing some spicy berries so I can move onto the next stage of this exploration:
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